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THE REALITY About Vaping Health

THE REALITY About Vaping Health A new study comparing the effects of two different types of e-liquid has just been published in JAMA. It compared the oral and nasal outward indications of two groups of teenage smokers. One group was given a non-nicotine e-liquid, and another was presented with a nicotine e-liquid. The report’s conclusion?Continue reading “THE REALITY About Vaping Health”

Guide To Buying E Liquid

Guide To Buying E Liquid It is interesting to see how people perceive an electronic cigarette with regards to juice. For some it doesn’t really matter as much since they can get exactly the same effect anyway whether they opt to puff on a pen, suck on a finger or put it in their mouth.Continue reading “Guide To Buying E Liquid”

BELOW ARE A FEW Vaping Dangers

BELOW ARE A FEW Vaping Dangers It has arrived at my attention that there are a number of vapour problems associated with electronic cigarettes. I know this because I am researching them for a bit now. If you are new to them, you have probably discovered the complete “atomizer” thing. In short, an electronic cigaretteContinue reading “BELOW ARE A FEW Vaping Dangers”

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